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Have You Been Ignoring Headaches? Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Have You Been Ignoring Headaches? Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

How long have you been ignoring your morning headaches? Your biggest fear could be dragging yourself out of bed, especially when you do not feel totally fit after waking up. Or feeling tired even after sleeping for 7 hours and craving a cup of coffee to ward off that intense headache. In a previous blog post, we discussed how to get rid of recurring sleep apnea headaches. However, in this blog post, we will address whether you have been ignoring headaches and if you might have sleep apnea.

The very first concern could be that you may have sinus, migraine, or stress-induced headaches. If you are trying to battle the situation by popping up some painkillers to ease your pain, then know that your problem could be a totally different issue. You may be suffering from sleep apnea in Cary.

How to Identify Sleep Apnea?

  • When you have sleep apnea-induced headaches, it might affect you on both sides.
  • If you have sleep apnea, headaches in Raleigh will soon go away after you wake up.
  • You may experience frequent headaches with sleep apnea in Raleigh, occurring almost every day, especially on nights when you don't get sufficient sleep.
  • Sleep apnea, unlike migraines, does not come with additional symptoms like nausea or light sensitivity.
  • You snore more than average.

These are the initial signs which indicate that you should visit a doctor.

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Understanding Diagnosis and Management Options

Sleep specialists are trained in this area to diagnose your symptoms. You will be put under observation using multiple sensors in a controlled environment. The room will be totally under supervision to track your muscle contraction, breathing, and other functions which your body performs while sleeping. The entire procedure is called a sleep study.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea in Raleigh, your specialist may suggest Continuous positive airway pressure as the main line of treatment. Under this, air pressure is passed via a mask to keep your upper airway unclogged. At times, surgery is suggested to open the airway.

Effective Ways to Limit Sleep Apnea: Helpful Strategies You Should Know

  • Cut smoking and drinking
  • Check with your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions which might worsen
  • sleep apnea
  • Exercise regularly
  • Cut down on weight
  • Limit screen time before sleep to have a restful sleep

Sleep Apnea and Headaches: Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

If you have been ignoring morning headaches or experiencing frequent headaches along with sleep apnea symptoms, it's crucial to seek medical attention for a proper diagnosis. Sleep specialists can conduct a sleep study to identify sleep apnea and recommend suitable treatment options. Managing sleep apnea involves various strategies such as lifestyle changes, weight management, and limiting screen time before sleep. For the best treatment outcomes, consulting with a renowned specialist like Dr. Charles Ferzli, who specializes in sleep apnea, can provide expert guidance. Don't let sleep apnea and headaches go unnoticed—take proactive steps toward improving your sleep quality and overall well-being. For more, browse through our website or call us at (919) 323-4242 right away!

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