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Dr. Ferzli and staff are knowledgeable and attentive. I have dealt with jaw and neck pain problems my entire life and suffered a good deal as a result. Now, it's only been a week since receiving my orthotic device and comfort and range of motion have increased dramatically. Overall my symptoms aren't even half of what they were a week ago when I first got the device, and things only show signs of getting better.
Alex Winn
Ashley is great. She explained all my insurance benefits in a comprehensive manner. She was most helpful in that I didn't think my insurance covered TMJ. I was pleasantly surprised that my insurance did cover TMJ treatment. Ashley actually called me to let me know that I was covered by my insurance and explained in detail what was covered. TMJ is the place to go if you have TMJ. The whole staff is great and will take care of your issues with TMJ.
Susan Lloyd
The techs and administrative staff at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre were all very helpful and kind. They helped me recover from over a decade of migraines.
Allison Gordon
Dr. Ferzli is an excellent TMJ specialist. He has really helped me with my TMJ condition. He is very knowledgeable and professional and really cares about his patients. The staff is very caring and knowledgeable too. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone with TMJ or sleep apnea problem. Thank you all.
Elham Sadeghi
The folks at TMJ & Sleep Therapy really took great care and interest in helping me sleep better. I came just looking for relief from snoring and found out I had severe sleep apnea as well. Dr. Ferzli and his staff did a very thorough examination including quite a bit of digital imaging, airflow metering and sonic measurements of my airways to custom make and fit an oral appliance that has almost completely eliminated my apnea. Before getting my new appliance, I would have nightmares about not being able to breath and wake up with claustrophobia and struggle going back to sleep. Now, I sleep better, snore very little and wake up much more rested. I venture to say that they’ve probably added a couple years to my life. I’m very grateful for their help. If you’re having trouble sleeping like I used to, I highly recommend you see if they have a solution that can help you too.
Eric Woodall
Dr. Ferzli’s TMJ&Sleep treatment changed my life. As someone who studied Biomedical Engineering and is generally curious, I always had questions for Dr. Ferzli and his staff, and they always answered my questions and addressed my concerns thoroughly, which I appreciate so much. I do not think I could write a review that would give appropriate praise to the life-changing treatment provided to me by Dr. Ferzli and his staff. I feel so unbelievably blessed to have had this treatment with Dr. Ferzli and his staff. I had severe pain and difficulty with sleeping, eating, talking, smiling, etc., which when disrupted can really negatively impact your day-to-day life. After treatment, my sleep, diet, physical functioning, energy, relationships, and so much more have been improved beyond belief😊. Almost a year later, I am still noticing new amazing benefits and improvements, and, so far, I have only implemented some of the most conservative parts of an already conservative treatment plan by Dr. Ferzli. Really, the results for me have been unbelievable, and I could never have imagined this amazing shift in my life. Because of the complex nature of health problems, I could not personally verify that this treatment would give you the same results that I’ve experienced or that it would even be worth it for you. But, I wanted to say that if you have the time, money, and desire, you might want to at least schedule a consultation because navigating TMJ&Sleep issues can be very tricky, and Dr. Ferzli is really offering a unique, effective, conservative, and systematic diagnosis/treatment. Dr. Ferzli’s diagnosis/treatment process is inspired by the TMJ&Sleep philosophy, which you can Google and learn more about to see if it resonates. I am recommending Dr. Ferzli to my general dentist and to anyone who asks me about TMJ&Sleep. Thank you Dr. Ferzli and everyone at the office, from the bottom of my heart.
Reuben Chemmanam
Wonderful staff and an overall excellent place to go to start finding solutions to pain in the TMJ area!
Elena M.
The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable. I could not be happier with my outcome of treatment. Highly recommend this office to anyone who has a sleep or TMJ issue.
La Kap (LK)
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr Ferzli and his amazing staff.I had severe TMJ last July and sought his help. He did a thorough diagnosis and put me on dental inserts, also recommended physiotherapy,various relaxation and pain relieving methods as well. I had to go twice a week initially and then gradually reduced. I sometimes even called him on weekends to understand my issue better and he was always prompt and response. Jaime is an amazing coordinator who got me in whenever I wanted..all the staff are amazing as well. My issue settled in 7 or 8 months and now am totally fine. I am so grateful to have stuck with the treatment and highly recommend their services to anyone with TMJ.
Mala Mahadevan
Had a great experience, Can't say enough about the kindness of all of the staff and Dr. Ferzli. Everyone was so helpful and compassionate. The treatment program that I received has been very successful.
Misty Wilson
WE LOVE DR FERZLI AND THE AMAZING STAFF! Can't say more about how much they care and teach about holistic health. xoK
Kirsten E. Miller
Staff is friendly, knowledgable, and went out of their way to be helpful. Dr. Ferzli is a hoot as well.
Kelly Maddox
Dr. Ferzli and staff are incredible, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
Payton Gauldin

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