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Who Can Benefit From IASIS Neurofeedback Treatment?

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Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, is a type of therapy that trains your brain to better regulate itself. IASIS neurofeedback is a specific form of neurofeedback that uses microcurrent stimulation to gently encourage and reinforce positive brainwave patterns.

This can lead to noticeable improvements in conditions like anxiety, ADHD, sleep disorders, and more. Keep reading to learn if you might benefit from IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback (MCN) treatment.

What is IASIS Neurofeedback?

IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback is an innovative form of neurofeedback that pairs EEG monitoring with gentle microcurrent stimulation. Sensors on the scalp record your brainwaves in real-time.

The IASIS software then finds opportunities to improve regulation and provides small pulses of microcurrent to reinforce healthier patterns. Over multiple 20-30 minute sessions, your brain learns to maintain these beneficial wave patterns on its own.

What Are the Benefits of Neurofeedback For Anxiety?

The benefits of neurofeedback appear similar to medication and therapy but without side effects or difficult psychological work.

In our experience, IASIS neurofeedback can work particularly well for anxiety. Microcurrent reinforcement likely strengthens positive neuroplastic changes which can calm excessive worry, panic, and fears. Most people need 10-20 sessions to see the effects.

Who Can Benefit From Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback helps train the regulation of brainwaves, which influence emotions, behavior, thinking, and body functions.

Some conditions it can benefit include ADHD, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, insomnia, and more. Some peak performers, like athletes, musicians, and executives, also use neurofeedback to enhance their capabilities.

IASIS neurofeedback shows promise for treating anxiety, chronic pain, concussion recovery, PTSD, addiction, migraines, ADHD, and cognitive decline. More research is still needed, but many people report life-changing improvements in these challenging conditions.

What Are IASIS Microcurrent Neurofeedback Side Effects?

IASIS neurofeedback has an exceptional safety record with virtually no side effects. The microcurrent stimulation uses just millionths of an amp, approximately 1/1000 the level that can cause pain.

It produces only a gentle tingling under the sensors that most find quite pleasant. Neurofeedback is also non-invasive, so it does not require surgery or medication.

For these reasons, health professionals consider IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback to be very low risk. It shows mostly benefits with very little negative side effects.

What Is the Success Rate of Neurofeedback For Anxiety?

Exact success rates vary across studies, but reviews show that IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback therapy can often successfully reduce anxiety. In one study, there were 15 patients with significant anxiety.

At the end of treatment, 40 percent of participants had reduced anxiety Other studies have different results depending on the patient and their medical conditions but are still successful. In our experience, patients have had immense success using IASIS neurofeedback to help their anxiety.

Outcomes depend on the severity, type of anxiety, and completing enough sessions, but for most people, neurofeedback provides outstanding, long-lasting relief from anxiety.

Studies that are more strict and larger are needed to completely understand neurofeedback's capabilities and limitations, especially when using it to help treat anxiety.

Who Should Do Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback is great for those who struggle with anxiety, ADHD, neurological symptoms, or suboptimal brain performance. It requires no conscious effort during sessions. You simply watch a movie while the software guides your brainwaves towards healthier patterns.

This makes neurofeedback work well for children, seniors, and anyone lacking the capacity for talk therapy or meditation. As a drug-free approach, the IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback system also is good for those wanting to avoid medication.

Final Thoughts

IASIS neurofeedback is an encouraging therapy for anxiety, ADHD, neurological issues, and optimizing brain performance. Most research shows that it can make lasting improvements with barely any side effects.

If you have treatment-resistant anxiety or want brain training without taking medications, consider trying neurofeedback. We are confident IASIS can improve stress management and feelings of anxiousness. Though results vary depending on the person, most people report long term relief from their symptoms.

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