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IASIS-MCN(Micro Current Neurofeedback)


IASIS MCN is labeled as a relaxation device. Using microcurrent, the brain is flooded with energy that helps it release delta waves. Brain waves that are most affected by physical and emotional trauma are delta waves. With cumulative emotional and physical trauma, there is a slowing down of delta wave activity which results in an increase in fight of flight or sympathetic nervous chemical flow of cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, etc... In other words there is axonal damage dure to sympathetic neurological release. When this occurs over time, various symptoms can occur which can lead to illness, disease and psychological disorders. Delta waves are thought to help the brain repair axonal damage, and provide one with energy to heal itself.

The reason why we like this technology is that it allows the brain to sustain a change, which in time results in long term sustainability of resolution of symptoms.

IASIS is a relaxation device which helps improve sleep which allows healthy brain function to occur.

IASIS helps the brain heal itself. We are not treating symptoms. It helps the brain self-regulate. We are helping through some resonance different parts of the brain to allow the neurons to pick up what they need and enhance their function.

By improving the parasympathetic system and calming the sympathetic to achieve homeostasis and calming the sympathetic overdrive, IASIS brings brain healing.

IASIS is a process. Treating occurrences such as traumatic brain injury, emotional trauma, PTSD may take time. Patients must be committed to their own healing process. The technology has been shown to be very effective with treating anxiety and depression. It has positive outcomes for ADHD, and poor sleep as well.

IASIS is safe to be used with pregnancy and seizures as we deliver nano Watts of energy, rendering the treatment homeopathic in nature.


  1. IASIS MCN is a LIP-tES system: low intensity pulses using transcranial electrical stimulation device.
  2. The pilot study conducted by Ming-Xiong Huang, PHD revealed for the first time neuroimaging based evidence for functional brain changes occurring from IASIS MCN.
  3. The study was conducted using IASIS MCN in conjunction with magnetoencephalography or MEG, and MRI.
  4. Study participants have an average of 50% reduction in TBI/MEG scoring and symptomology.

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