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What Are the Consequences of Sleep Apnea During Daytime?

How Sleep Apnea Affects During The Day?

A person is said to have sleep apnea when he/she has pauses breathing whilst sleeping. When this interruption happens, the individual wakes up finding it difficult to respire. These interruptions continue through the night of sleep. So when the person wakes up in the morning the body and mind are tired thus interrupting the daily routines. In our previous blog, we have explained the 3 factors that cause sleep apnea in Raleigh with morning headaches. However, if this sleep apnea is not treated, it will lead to many health problems which can turn into long-term issues. Along these lines let us now see how sleep apnea affects an individual during the day.

8 Times Sleep Apnea in Raleigh Affects an Individual During the Day:

  1. Drowsy and Sluggish:

    Once the daylight is out one needs to go about daily routines. Unfortunately a person who hasn't slept well during the night will be left sleepy and sluggish the whole day.

  2. Dry Mouths/Sore Throat:

    People who have sleep apnea breathe through their mouth the whole night and wake up with a dry mouth. CPAP machines used to treat sleep apnea can prevent one from waking up to a dry mouth as the gear has a chin strap that closes the mouth.

  3. Waking Up With Headaches:

    Most patients suffering from sleep apnea are prone to morning headaches in Raleigh. This issue can make the person frustrated, stopping him/her from living a contented life. It is best advised to consult your sleep apnea doctors.

  4. Accidents/Decrease in Productivity:

    Inadequate sleep makes one fall asleep whilst watching TV or driving the car leading to accidents. They even fall asleep at work which will make them less productive.

  5. Acid Reflux:

    Some people go through acid reflux. Even though it is not proven this kind of heartburn is seen in patients with sleep apnea. Treating acid reflux issues at times improves sleep apnea.

  6. Trouble Paying Attention:

    People who fall under the category of moderate to severe sleep apnea in Cary experience issues such as trouble paying attention, difficulty in making decisions, depression, and stress.

  7. Memory Loss:

    Some patients face memory loss problems called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Even though the symptoms are not as worse as dementia, some studies show that when a person is suffering from sleep apnea they show MCI. If not treated it can get worse.

  8. Other Issues:

    Having said all of the above, sleep apnea also causes high blood pressure, respiratory issues, endocrine issues, digestive issues, circulatory and cardiovascular issues, nervous system issues, and many more.


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