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Can Sleep Apnea In Raleigh Trigger Depression?

Can Sleep Apnea Trigger Depression? | Raleigh and Cary, NC

Sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder. Patients with this problem have hypopnea where breathing decreases during sleep. In this condition, breathing gets paused while the person is asleep. It is a serious condition that can also turn out to be fatal. Sleep apnea is also associated with depression.

Other problems seen in sleep apnea patients are panic disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. When a person suffers from sleep apnea, a panic signal is received by his/her brain that jerks awake the body and helps him resume breathing. It results in broken sleep. In our previous blog, we have explained the ideal method to cure sleep apnea in Cary and Raleigh. Consult Dr. Charles Ferzli at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Raleigh-Durham and get a convincing solution for sleep apnea. Dr. Charles Ferzli is a renowned doctor treating patients with sleep apnea problems.

Depression and Sleep Apnea in Cary and Raleigh:

People with sleep apnea and excessive daytime sleepiness feel tired all day, resulting in broken sleep and a host of other mood disorders. As per a study published in 2015 in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, people with post-traumatic sleep disorder and depression are also likely to suffer from depression.

How Is Sleep Apnea Related to Depression?

  1. Pause In Sleep:

    Frequent pauses in sleep make a person irritable, anxious, and depressed. The depression risk is higher in people with obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea in Cary treatment is recommended to such patients to get treated for this problem and enjoy sound sleep without any hindrances.

  2. Carbon Dioxide Buildup:

    A person with obstructive sleep apnea in Raleigh receives less oxygen and retains more carbon dioxide. It results in carbon dioxide buildup. It makes the blood acidic. As a result, the person feels sleepy and tired the whole day. It reduces their productivity and work performance. They are unable to function with 100 percent efficiency.

  3. Excruciating Headaches:

    People with sleep apnea problems also suffer from excruciating headaches in Raleigh. Even painkillers are unable to help them in certain severe cases. Only sound sleep can bring relief to them, but associated sleep apnea issues make it difficult. It happens because the levels of oxygen in the blood drop because of intermittent breathing. Air gets trapped in the lungs, thereby increasing carbon dioxide waste in the body.


Consult Dr. Charles Ferzli, for sleep apnea in Raleigh at TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Raleigh-Durham immediately to begin a proper line of treatment and get relief from these issues. Schedule an appointment with the doctor today through our website or by dialing us at (919) 323-4242 and avail suitable treatment for the problem!

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