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Why Do I Wake Up With a Headache?

5 Factors Triggering Morning Headaches | Raleigh & Cary NC

Many people wake up with headaches in the morning. Are you one of them? Have you ever wondered why? Well! This can be due to many reasons like sleep disorders, depression, medicines, consuming alcohol at night, migraines and bruxism. At times bad postures can also lead to headaches. These morning headaches seem to occur in one out of thirteen people as per the statistics. In our previous blog, we have explained how sleep apnea can trigger morning headaches in Raleigh? Even though this is a common issue, it needs to be treated as it can get annoying.

Get the best help from TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Raleigh-Durham where Dr. Charles Ferzli, DDS practices. Consulting the best dentist who treats sleep apnea Raleigh and Cary will help you discover a convincing solution.

5 Factors Triggering Morning Headaches in Raleigh and Cary:

  1. TMJ:

    Expanded as the temporomandibular joint, TMJ problem can worsen some times. It is a connection between the jaw and the skull. Grinding and clenching of the teeth causes morning headaches. A good dentist will advise the use of an oral device.

  2. Hangovers:

    Drinking a little more than usual can cause headaches in Raleigh when you wake up. This is concluded as a hangover. When the blood alcohol contents fall back to normal one may start to feel a few symptoms which include headaches. Too much alcohol makes the person urinate more frequently making the body dehydrated leading to headaches.

  3. Excess Use of Medication:

    If a person takes too much medicine it will lead to MOH also called medication overuse headaches. Check with your doctor and seek immediate help. Along these lines, nighttime bruxism, insomnia, oversleeping or diet, can also cause morning headaches.

  4. Sleep Apnea:

    When a part of the muscles in your throat collapses, it interrupts the breathing whilst the person is sleeping, thus making the person wake up gasping for breath. Patients with sleep apnea in Cary suffer from morning headaches, dry mouth, snoring, and more. Consulting with your doctor and getting help is the best thing one should do.

  5. Migraines:

    Anxiety, throbbing pain, a stiff neck, and sensitivity to sound and light are what a person suffering from migraine witnesses. The headache is one-sided and can stay for many hours. Migraines usually happen early in the morning somewhere between 4:00 am to 8:00 am. This is because the medication wears off and the symptoms occur at night.

    Some people even get to experience bright spots, flashing lights, moving lines, and in severe cases temporary loss of vision. It is always better to check and treat headaches.


At TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Raleigh-Durham, Dr. Charles Ferzli DDS and his seasoned team diagnoses and treats all types of headaches related to sleep apnea in Raleigh. Browse through our website of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Raleigh-Durham to gather more information. Call us at (919) 323-4242 to have a conversation with the representatives of TMJ & Sleep Therapy Center of Raleigh-Durham right away.

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