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Cary, NC Dentist Offers Advanced Dentistry with Latest TMJ Technology

Cary, NC Dentist Offers Advanced Dentistry with Latest TMJ Technology

Recent Press Release:

Dr. Charles Ferzli of Smiles of Cary cosmetic and restorative dentistry office is providing his patients the future of dental care with the implementation of modern dental technologies. His office, located just outside of Raleigh, NC invests much of its war chest back into dental technologies that both aid patient comfort and health. This is because Dr. Ferzli wants his patients to be able to receive all of their dental health needs in one location. Some of the more modern technologies provided by Smile of Cary include their TMJ disorder diagnosis and tracking devices.

To effectively find the problems that are related to TMJ Dr. Ferzli has invested in several high-end scanning devices and diagnostic tools ordinarily only found in hospitals. The Cone Beam CT is one of the devices that are used to diagnose a variety of cancers, view tumors, and to provide clear images of bone, muscles, and blood vessels to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries such as TMJ. “Unlike a basic x-ray machine that can only view the bone structures of the head or a MRI machine that can only view blood vessels and soft tissue,” states Ferzli. “Our machine is capable of providing clear images of the bones, blood vessels, and soft tissue.”

In addition to this advanced machine Dr. Ferzli has also invested in a Jaw Tracker or electrognathography unit (ENG) to help assess a patient’s condition when they are experiencing craniofacial pain. “This machine allows us to diagnose patients who may believe they have a problem, assess their existing problems, and measure the therapeutic progress they have made after we have started treatment” says Ferzli. Much of the equipment that Smiles of Cary has in their dental office is not even known about by most of the patients. Really all they are concerned about is that it works to correct their TMJ pains.

To learn more about Dr. Ferzli and Smiles of Cary visit his site at or contact the office at (800) 901-0295.

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